Saturday, November 8, 2008


i hope i pass every subj =(
Last nite at Euphoria was great. =)
now i am still tired ... all cos of the dancing~ so tiring :X lol
now i am free .. not sure wat to do =/ hahaha...
ok... nth much to say here...

SPM is next week.. hopes 'she' will do well ;) my ah mui too =)
not in the mood and nth to blog...xD so.. till i have the mood or sth to blog ... i wont be back here :X till then..CIAO!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


how many more days till the end of my final? hmms.. 3 weeks? 2 weeks? argh who cares! lols
man... i juz read a blog bout wishes of someone b4 her suicide... gosh.. she did it! she really did it juz becos shes unhappy.. omg! omg! 1st its sad that she is gone now.. 2nd shes too naive .. all she need to do is find someone to talk with and be more optimstic! anyway , RIP. =)
Reading the blog reflects back my past... ya i tot of suicide too! but lucky i juz cant find or think of a special and happy way to sucide! and ya i gave up the thoughts now... life is full with mysteries... a day more means u get to know the world better.. life is nvr juz sweet.. it can be sour too...
i juz know how to talk but the truth is i dunno how long i can carry my burden, loneliness and sadness... i dun wish to go back to my past me or end up like the gal-suicide. But i have no one i can really talk to... other than this blog which i can spilled up a little sth here... hope i wont end up choosing the path as the gal did. =) even if i really did... ppl, juz forget my existance! =D

Final ending in less than one mth..ITS HOLIDAY SOON! hahahaha... crap.. i shall really think bout my exam b4 deciding what shall i do after exam... all the best to my frens, jie and mei and whoever having exam soon.. Good luck! =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i dunno wat i really wan...
i dunno wat i really need..
all i know is ,
i love smiles, ya smiles ,esp from sweet and cute gals. =)
they melt my heart...
wats sweet and cute? for me its not juz appearance .. its oso bout personality.
smiles and voices... somehow from tis two i can know quite abit bout someone...
believe me o not its up to u =)

nvr spend too much on gals! tats wat my frens said.. for me, i know bout tis is true..
but if i really love a gal, i will do so.. i juz wan to keep her happy and know how much they meant to me.. ya its not all bout exp things.. its bout how and y i wanna get it for her... its not bout worth it o not.. cos my love is sincere and i'm not expecting anything in return. =) so ... i dun mind spending money tat i earn on own for my love one.. u may say me crazy and so on.. but tats me..

weet~ saw alot cute and pretty gals these few weeks! their smiles and voice are juz so sweet! u may call me flower heart o watever u wan.. but for me... i juz appreatiate wat my ears hear and wat my eyes see... i am still single man! :X lols i have my rights to make fren wif who i wan rite? come on man.. its juz bout making fren not dating any gals.. so dun simply think ;) bout dating gal... i have no idea who i will date but i am sure tat gal sure is a fantastic and special gal =)

enuf craps! lols final coming~~ omg... man someone motivate me to study pls =.=''

Thursday, October 2, 2008


WOOT~~ went to midvalley... sis and her fren went shopping.. too bored so i walk ard.. then i saw one diamond necklace! WEET!! so pretty... RM 1.2k! omg.. so exp .. but hey my holidays soon! 3 mths! work 2 mths enuf to buy! hahahaha... ok.. dunno y .. 1st time i see the diamond necklace, i actually thought of 'her'... 'she muz be looking gratz wif this necklace on~' tats wat i tot.. ok.. i wanna buy it! haha. anyway save money for it 1st.. =D

then i went to window shopping~. lols.. i saw some clothes i wanna buy but i am too lazy to carry anything! so i din buy anything hahaha.. next time i go i will buy them.. <3 SUBZERO, ZARA, CK, ESPIRIT and GUESS! oh ya... GUESS! LOTS of pretty BAGS! gals like them rite?! lols.. ok ... i too wanna buy one.. hey its not for me... i wanna buy for her! lols.. duh... i am so crazy ... everything for her.. hahaha... oh ya.. i saw a pair of earrings too...haha tis one i tot of buying for my beloved mui mui~ lols.... i am not all bout her ok?! haha....

final coming up~ woot! i shall start reading and study my books! haha... wish me luck man.. =D
next blog will up when i am in mood~ xD sorry for my randomness lols =D heart my frens, jie and mui mui... miss u all=) and of cos 'her' xP

Sunday, September 28, 2008

boring days!

not in the mood to blog .....
is juz so boring these few days..
will update blog when i feel like it :s

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Its boring weekend! All i did was eat sleep watch anime~.~ Even though its boring, i found out i actually love dancing and cooking! Juz started my break dance class on Friday! Its fantastic. Too bad I am slow learner.. sigh.. Its ok.. I will juz need to practice harder. =D My hands and legs still pain from the practice. Due to this i can't go to gym. Anyway, lets talk bout cooking! Gosh! Cooking is sth i realize i am starting to like! Man i love nice foods! Therefore i shall learn how to cook more variety of foods! And of cos i hope i can cook sth nice for ' her ' ! hehe... Cooking is fun man.. Guys shall learn cooking! lol


Boring weekends lead me to a world of loneliness! Its such a dark cruel empty world! Why cruel? Cause it makes u think of your loves one and no doubt, memories which you threw away ages ago! But this time its different, I smile when i think of u! For juz a moment, 'she' pop up and your are gone! Whats happening? Its weird! Really weird.... I actually feels like hugging ' her' tight, I wanna hold ' her' hand , I wanna smell 'her' hair and I wanna tell 'her' ... you are so cute! Yeah , I felt that! Maybe 'she' took over your place? I hope so...


Sunday night which is tonight, I miss my mei(s). I told them i heart them! lols so funny... all same reaction! Alright maybe I am lame. =D But i juz wanna let them know i care and love them. =) To my mei(s)... though i can't help u much in ur love problems.. can't help u stop missing him... cant help u reduce the sufferings, but I am willing to be there listening to u.. Though i can't lend u my shoulder, I can share ur feelings. If you are sad , I have no reason to smile and be happy too. =) You all are important to me therefore i wish u all to be happy! I juz wanna see smiles crafted on all your face. If can let me bear all your suffering and sadness. You all shall be happy and enjoying. =) I love u all! <3 ( as my mei =p )

Friday, September 19, 2008

I juz can't sleep! =.=

Seal the sadness in memory,
while touching the heart quietly.
Behind the smile,
it is the tears of my loneliness.
In order to be tougher,
I will keep improving myself.
Trying to defend,
trying to believe,
the reason in turning into a smile.
Agitated heart,
lonely heart,
I'll juz take it all.
If only i have the chance,
I will never let you go again.
I will follow the shine,
and march towards it.
At the end,
will be telling you
I love u, babe!
I really do
really really do <3